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Poisonous Birds

Poisonous Birds

Poisonous Birds collide grinding electronics with widescreen, cinematic grandeur. Saturated, industrial sound sculptures frame frontman and multi-instrumentalist Tom Ridley’s pensive vocal, whilst drummer Finn Mclean punctuates the field of sound with heavy, visceral rhythm.

The Bristol duo’s debut EP Gentle Earth features moments of delicate beauty that decay into walls of electronic intensity. The single Old Sun is a rich, textured track featuring rubbery synth arpeggios that wouldn’t be out of place soundtracking Stranger Things, whilst Tom’s vivid lyrics and dreamy delivery on new single ’Cloud Level’ build up to a crescendo that floored Kerrang’s Alex Baker: “Oh my god. The new Poisonous Birds song just made me actually weep on my sofa. You guys are spectacular. SPECTACULAR.

Using live loops and sequencing, the duo reinterpret the material for the stage, delivering a beautifully intense live experience.

As covered by Bristol Live magazine the duo embody a fearless DIY ethos, handing everything from recording to PR to setting up their own record label & artistic collective: Be Softly. And having shunned Facebook, not wishing for their music to be exhibited alongside the ‘impenetrable noise’ of the world’s biggest social network, they have built their own digital home at