All yours …

The Boondocks is a celebration of all that is good about the great british festival. It’s your festival, it’s your tribe and it’s the greatest bands you’ve never heard of.

Festival Info

All the info you will ever need is here……


Boondocks 2018 is set in the pretty Cotswold countryside just outside the beautiful and historic town of Malmesbury (the council told us to put that bit in) and will be held on the 20th and 21st of July in 2018.

The official site address is “The 15 Acre”, Foxley Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire  SN16 0JQ but PLEASE see the stuff on driving to the site before you put that in the old Sat Nav!


The camp site will open at 3pm on Friday 20th July – the first band is likely to be on just before 6pm.

The arena will stay open until midnight, on both days and the Tribal Lands Bar will be open until 2am.

On Saturday the music will kick off about noon and go on all day until the arena closes at midnight.


The site is about a mile from the town center and is approx 6 miles from M4 J17, is 15 mins from Chippenham station (1:15 from Paddington) and to complete the picture about a 1:15 drive from Heathrow.

Driving & Parking

If you are driving there is ample free parking on site BUT if you are driving up from the south (M4/Chippenham) then DO NOT follow your Sat Nav if it tells you to turn left in the village of Corston just south of Malmesbury – ignore it, continue into the town and then follow it from there…  you have been warned!

As you approach the site there will be signs guiding you to the correct entrance for you, but in a nutshell

  • If you are in family or festival camping or you are just parking up for the day then use the first gate you come to (Yellow Gate)
  • If you have booked a camper or caravan in festival or family camping then use the next one (Blue Gate)
  • If you are camping or “vanning” (is that a word?) in The Tribal Lands then sail on past Blue gate and go to the last one (Purple Gate)

Remember parking is FREE on site and there is a designated drop off and pick up point inside Yellow Gate – so please don’t park or loiter on the roads nearby, there is no need to and you might find a farmer has driven his tractor over your bonnet when you get back!

Drop off, pick up and taxis

If you are just dropping off or picking then follow the signs and go onto the site at the first gate you come to (Yellow Gate)  – there is a dedicated place for you to wait which is easy to get in and out and it will avoid the aforementioned farmer from ploughing your car into the grass verge you are destroying by hanging about outside the gate!


If you choose to walk then please be careful as there are sections of road with no footpath or street lighting, but if you do decide to walk bring a torch, wear something bright and keep an eye on the kids.

(Note that although not officially a festival entrance, you can get onto the site at the end of the footpath on Common Road and that is probably safer than following the vehicles along Foxley Rd – but don’t forget the torch, its dark in the field!)

Cycling to the festival

You are welcome to cycle to Boondocks and cycle racks are provided on site (used at your risk).


There is ooodles of space for camping and there are 3 distinct camping areas  – you need a separate camping ticket (for the right bit)  in addition to your Festival Entry ticket.

The 3 areas are

  • Festival Camping –  for tents enter the site via Yellow Gate (the first one you come to on Foxley Rd) – for vans go to the next gate (Blue gate)
  • Family Camping – for tents again enter the site via Yellow Gate  – again  for vans go to the next gate (Blue gate)
  • Tribal Lands  – for both tents AND vans go to the last gate (Purple Gate)

Remember this is a working farm (thanks Ash!) so PLEASE no glass or fires and take you rubbish (including your tent!) with you when you go… tread lightly on the earth my friends!

The camp site opens @ 3pm on Friday 20th July and closes at noon on Sunday 22nd July.


Bars and traders can’t take cards and there are no cash machines on site so bring plenty with you (but look after it!). The nearest cash machine is in town,  about a mile away.


So who is and isn’t allowed in?

  • Under 18s MUST be accompanied by an adult and they are your responsibility at all times.
  • Under 18s will not be allowed into and out of the arena area without a responsible adult.
  • Sorry, but no dogs (or any other animals) apart from guide dogs.
  • Anyone found with any banned substances or ‘legal highs’ will be asked to leave.
  • Anyone who is drunk and or disorderly will also be removed from the festival.
  • Disabled access is reasonably good – but it is grass a=so a bit lumpy and bumpy but there are no major slopes or steps etc…)

Event Control

The Event Control tent (at the main entrance) is the first port of call on site for any questions or queries.  And out of hours or from anywhere off site, they are contactable on 07543393252.

And finaly, be nice!

It is a lovely, chilled, mellow little festival, so rule 1 is ‘be nice!’  Please look after each other, be considerate to our neighbours and look after the land – then everyone’s happy!