All yours …

The Boondocks is a celebration of all that is good about the great british festival. It’s your festival, it’s your tribe and it’s the greatest bands you’ve never heard of.

Make Your Own Boondocks Tribe!

We’re getting a bit territorial!

Get your Tribe together for Boondocks 2018 and stake your claim to a little patch of Boondocks Territory to call your own.
Set up your Tribe – free.

‘What’s a tribe?’ we hear you cry.

You know how it is. You all want to camp together, but Geoff and Barbara can’t get there ’til late and then someone plonks a tent in his spot (with their tent door facing yours – who does that?).

Then Geoff and Barbs end up camping in a different postcode and it’s all a bit of a stress.

Well no more, dear friends, because this year at Boondocks  you and your mates can have your very own special Territory in the Tribal Lands camping area.

How do I form a tribe?

Just get at least 10 adults to join your Boondocks Tribe and we give you your own camping area. You get to pick your tribe’s name (make it good – the best tribe name will get a superstar prize) and we’ll even give you a tribe flag to stake out your territory and rally the troops round!

It’s free, just register your tribe here and tell us who is in it (note: all adults in your tribe will need Premium Camping Tickets – so they all get access to the late night bar too!).

The number of tribes we can handle is strictly limited and there will be more exciting Tribe announcements coming soon, so to stake your claim in the Tribal Area here.

But I have more questions …

Is it free? 

Yes (but remember adult tribe members will need a festival ticket and a premium camping ticket)

Can I have more than 10 adults in my tribe?

Your call. Your territory will be a fixed size (around 400 square meters)  – so it’s up to you how cosy you want it to be. We think about 5 ‘family tents’ would fit nicely.

Won’t somebody think of the children? 

Don’t worry, you can have as many kids as you want in your tribe. You don’t need to register them and they don’t need a special ticket – but remember to factor them into the square footage.

Can I add people to my tribe later?

Yes, you’ll have to have at least 10 ticket-holding adults to create your tribe – but you can add more people later (but remember your territory is a fixed size – it could get cosy!)

Why are there a limited number of tribes?

Because we only have a limited amount of field!

Do we have to all be in fancy dress?

Well, no, but it’s a laugh. What about forming a steam punk street gang?  Or a Viking horde with horned helmets? Mad Max post-apocalyptic chic? The only limit is your imagination (and the laws of the land, common decency and physics).

If I’m not in a tribe can I still camp in the Tribal Lands?

Yes – with a premium camping ticket and you can join in the jolly japes in the late night Tribal Lands Bar and there is a camping area reserved for “Billy’s Tribe” which you are automatically a member of.

Why is it called “Billy’s Tribe”?

We’ll leave you to work that one out!

Can I park my camper/caravan in my tribe’s territory?

‘Probably’ is about as accurate as we can get at this stage.

We’ll ultimately be limited by the site, so we might be able to get one van on a territory – but due to an access and safety considerations, you might have to get it in very early and be the last to leave. So, if you want to bring your van, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Ready to go tribal?  Click here to get set up your tribe and claim your territory!