All yours …

The Boondocks is a celebration of all that is good about the great british festival. It’s your festival, it’s your tribe and it’s the greatest bands you’ve never heard of.

Tickets on sale NOW!

Earlybird Boondocks tickets have now all sold so we’re onto Tier 2 tickets.
We are still a little way off full price ticket and still a great deal –
so get ’em while you can, because they won’t hang around for long!

Baby Boondocks 2017

See anyone you know? A thousands thanks to A Smart Production and Discover Malmesbury for featuring last weekend's spectacular in their latest of promo vids. We love this. And the Felix Hagan & The Family soundtrack. Show them off (and us!) and give it share, and don't forget to tag the Boonies you know. Happy days!

Posted by The Boondocks Festival, Malmesbury on Thursday, 13 July 2017