After two truly amazing Boondocks Festivals which we are all very proud of, we have made the difficult decision to take 2017 off.

Running the festival takes a monumental amount of work and effort from the team for nearly 10 months of the year, who at present donate their time voluntarily. This is of course a huge ask of them if we are going to keep running the festival every year.

Even despite the massive amount of community love and support behind us, the event still only just breaks even every year. We are running a professional level festival but for bargain ticket price, and this combined with the fact that it is run by volunteers means that it is currently very difficult to sustain.

We will be spending 2017 working out if we can make 2018 more sustainable; that will likely mean either the ticket price will go up, we will need to sell more tickets, or we will require some sort of sponsorship or external funding (or any combination of the above). We will also be keen to somehow maintain momentum over the next year or so in order to make 2018 a real success.

We would love to hear any ideas/feedback on this, so if anyone has any ideas or contacts in this area please do let us know.  Likewise, it is important to us to know what you want from the festival, that way we can make sure it will always remain accessible to those who got it off the ground with us.

We realise this may be disappointing news but we really feel it’s a good time to refresh ourselves and take stock to make sure the event continues. We are determined to be back in 2018 bigger and better than ever, but we will need your help getting there. So if anyone has any ideas about how we can keep it going, let us know!

A big thank you to all of you for supporting the festival so far, this is not the end of Boondocks, we will be back!  And we’ll happily keep you posted if you join our mailing list.

The Boondocks Team.