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The Boondocks is a celebration of all that is good about the great british festival. It’s your festival, it’s your tribe and it’s the greatest bands you’ve never heard of.

Long Players

Long Players

Now with over 30 members the Long Players is more of a musical love-in than a band as such. The Malmesbury collective assembles over one weekend to rehearse a classic album and the following weekend they perform it. Their gigs often involve theatre and the work of local artists, photographers and graphic designers – the audience are fully expected to dress up too.

Over the last 5 years the LPs have tackled albums by Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Michael Jackson’s Thriller (including a mass Zombie walk through town beforehand), Bowie, The Cure, Lou Reed, Blondie and Blur.

To up the ante the latest LPs challenge was to recreate an Amy Winehouse record and an AC/DC classic both in the same evening. So that’s Back to Black and Back in Black back to back.

For Boondocks festival goers they will recreate one or the other. Or a bit of both.