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The Boondocks is a celebration of all that is good about the great british festival. It’s your festival, it’s your tribe and it’s the greatest bands you’ve never heard of.


You in for 2020?

Boondocks 2020 – you in?

Reminisce over some footage from the last 4 years then LIKE and SHARE – let's see who's in. The crew are ready, the Kickstarter is ready. Are you ready? We go live this week.For Boondocks 2020, we'll need to raise a bit more money at the beginning this time to get it going. But if we can do that, everyone is good to go for 16th, 17th, 18th July 2020 (yes, Kickstarters will start their Boondocks on the Thursday in 2020!) So follow this post and standby – this is where the link to the Kickstarter will be posted.(And thanks to Stage Right Media for a beautiful edit of the last 4 years' footage and to Tankus the Henge for letting us use their awesome soundtrack. Thanks for your support with this. xx)

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Big Love from The Boondocks Team!

In the meantime here’s some memories from 2018…..

Boondocks 2018 Highlights

Boonies – you were amazing this weekend. The atmosphere on site was electric from start to finish. You did that. And the voluntary Boondocks crew were incredible – so, so slick. A pure dream team. (And that includes Tea Smart who put this video together so well and so fast!)We've even heard talk of it being the best Boondocks ever! Either way, let's all feel proud to be a part of it. Here are your highlights. xxx

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Boondocks 2016

WE DID IT!For the second year running Malmesbury has now hosted its very own music festival, supported by all the lovely people of our wonderful little town. It's hard to explain how proud we are that the community can come together to create such a fantastic weekend.The ever-talented Nikolaas Bartlett ( and Ben Thomas were working tirelessly over the weekend (and the 2 weeks since!) putting together this incredible video for us, so we can remember and share the memories of Boondocks 16 for years to come.Comment below with your favourite memory or moment of this year's Boondocks, and if you can spot yourself or your friends tag them and share too! The next Boondocks is still undecided at this stage, so let's make sure this year's festival will stay with us forever!Huge amounts of love,The Boondocks Team xxx

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Offical Boondocks Festival Video 2015 from Katie Mayhew on Vimeo.