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More Glamping tents added to the Boondocks 16 line up

More Glamping tents added to the Boondocks 16 line up

glamping sunsetHot off the press: due to the massive popularity of the glamping area last year and again in this year’s Kickstarter campaign, we’ve managed to secure 10 more glamping tents for Boondocks 16. These will be going on sale at 10am Saturday 27 February, and will be priced at £250.

The tents will be erected and waiting for you when you arrive, but they are UNFURNISHED, so will only contain a carpet. You’ll have to provide the beds, chaise longue, kitchen sink as you require. You’ll also need tickets to the event, as this price is just for the tent. They fit 6 people in spacious, full head-height, impress-your-friends comfort.

If you’re really after the fully furnished glamping experience (like our 10 lucky Kickstarters who have already secured their tents), you can contact our lovely suppliers directly, and arrange to upgrade to the full shebang. Contact David Winterflood on  hello@greatbritishglamping.com. You can check out their website here for full details of what’s available.Roblox Robux Hack 2017

Please note, the price is for the tent only. You’ll have to make sure you also have tickets to the event itself, or you’ll be a bit stuck. The Glamping tents in the Kickstarter campaign sold out within 12 hours, so don’t spend too long thinking about this one, or you’ll be back in your leaky two-man pop up.

Unfurnished Glamping tickets will be available at 10am on Saturday 27 February from the ticket page.